01.Does the hotel accommodation provide meals?
Complimentary snacks are available at the in-room Mini Bar!
02.Is there a parking lot available?

★Important Notice: The parking spaces available at our facility are limited, and we regret that we cannot guarantee sufficient parking for all residents. Additionally, reservations for parking spaces are not possible. If you choose to arrive by car for your stay, we recommend arriving early to ensure availability. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

★If no parking spaces are available upon your arrival, please consider the following parking lots as alternative options (not affiliated, no parking fee assistance provided).

--Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center Parking Lot

add: 751 Wen-lin Road, Shilin District 111044, Taipei

rate: link

--Taipei Metro Zhishan Station Parking Lot



1.The parking lot at our facility is provided free of charge for guests but is only for parking purposes, and we assume no responsibility for the security of the vehicles. Guests cannot request a refund of accommodation fees due to the lack of parking spaces on-site.

2.The parking lot at our facility is offered free of charge for guests, but availability is not guaranteed. Guests are advised to be aware of this.

3.The parking lot at our facility is reserved for guests' use only. Parking spaces for guests' visitors are not guaranteed. If necessary, the facility reserves the right to request visitors to park their vehicles in external parking lots (without any agreements or parking fee assistance).

4.Each guest room is entitled to one parking space. If additional parking spaces are used, the facility reserves the right to request guests to relocate their vehicles to external parking lots (without any agreements or parking fee assistance).

5.Our facility does not provide valet parking services. We appreciate your understanding.

03.Halal Certificate
Archess Hotel is certified as Halal, demonstrating our commitment to providing accommodations that adhere to Islamic dietary and cultural requirements. Through rigorous education and training, along with a deep understanding of Muslim culture, we are well-prepared to welcome our Muslim friends. Feel free to stay with us and experience a welcoming environment that respects and caters to your needs.
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